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10 Reasons Why You Should Service Your Mercedes-Benz With An Authorised Dealership Only.

Your car is one of the best investments you make, and you should always take it to the ‘right’ place for its service and maintenance. To get the optimum luxury and for a hassle-free journey, service with an authorised service centre, backed by the manufacturer each and every time. Here are few reasons why it is important to take your Star to an authorised dealer only.

1. Mercedes-Benz Certified Technicians.

All authorised service centres have professionally qualified engineers, experienced and skilled technicians, undergone special courses like ADAM, having good knowledge about the complete anatomy of the vehicle. This improves fix at first time.

2. Advanced Special equipment.

All Mercedes-Benz dealerships have the most advanced equipment supplied and recommended by Mercedes-Benz to handle all diagnose, repair and maintenance work. With the state-of-the-art technology and artificial intelligence, they make sure that your vehicle is always in impeccable condition.

3. Genuine Auto Spare Parts, Tyres & Lubricants.

The dream machine has all its spare parts being manufactured and supplied by Mercedes-Benz, reassuring the quality as it is in the showroom condition and has the manufacturer’s logo and warranty. They guarantee that they use only genuine Mercedes-Benz spare parts and lubricants. Only MB dealers would know if there is any improvement in specific parts for increasing the life of the vehicle. In fact genuine parts will save you more in the long run as compared to the parts available in the aftermarket. Dealers also acts as one-stop-shop for all your requirements related to MB tyres. Mercedes-Benz tyres are designed to optimally match your car's safety systems as well as the model.

4. Preplanned & timely service schedules.

Dealers' call centre will act pro-actively to contact their customers for notifying the due service and any essential services in due course. They make sure that the dream machine is kept up to date with scheduled maintenance service and software updates, to run more efficiently. Tuning up the vehicle is as important as maintaining youthful appearance. Also, booking an appointment online is now easier than ever.

5. Warranty coverage.

Your vehicle warranty is honoured in the unlikely event that something should go wrong with the vehicle. The warranty period can be extended with the support of MB Dealer up to 6 years from date of purchase. If a car is serviced with an unauthorised agency, your warranty protection will be seized.

6. Special Alerts on updates.

Unlike third party garages, authorised dealerships always have the latest technical service bulletins, software updates from the OEM, and vehicle-specific alerts. They will know immediately if there’s any service bulletin out for your model and they’ll be quick to contact you for follow up attention.

7. Customer Satisfaction. #StriveForFive

Mercedes-Benz dealership service centres always strive for the 5-Star score from their customers through personified service.

8. Optimum valuation of your car.

Winning over buyers is necessary to encase your old car to the maximum value. Cars with complete, full scheduled services history, frequency of services recorded in an authorised service centre is a proof of the condition of the car that the buyer looks upon.

9. On Road Assistant.

Roads are an unpredictable place and the road-side incidents can leave you stranded and in dire need of help. Mercedes-Benz has a dedicated 24/7 on road assist team always ready to serve you. Also, there is Car Care Service at your doorstep by Mercedes-Benz which which is a big relief for many, especially during the pandemic time. Most of the dealers also provide pick up & drop facility, so that your day is not disturbed.

10. Service Packages. Value Added Services. Car Care Products.

For keeping the service cost at minimum, you can opt for Service Package Programs, where in you pay a defined cost of maintenance based on the model, contract period & mileage and say goodbye to spending on service every time. Mercedes-Benz Dealers have extensive range of Mercedes-Benz car care products and they are best in quality, environment friendly and have been crafted exclusively for your Star. MB dealerships are the best in car detailing services with Mercedes-Benz Genuine Car Care Products exclusively designed for your star.

To conclude, Mercedes-Benz service centres will infuse a fresh lease of life to your car, help to perform better, improve fuel economy, provide lots of trouble-free miles and peace of mind. After all, they built your car and they know your car better.


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