8 Reasons To Choose A Petrol Car.

Cars have become an indispensable part of people's lives, be it for commercial or personal uses. For those planning to opt for a petrol car in the future, you may need to know what you stand to gain. Below, we take a look at some of the advantages petrol-heads can claim to have over their diesel-loving counterparts.

1. Economical

Petrol cars are cheaper to purchase than diesel. Especially in India, Diesel cars costs more with taxes imposed on them. They also have poor depreciation per year compared to petrol cars.

2. Lower Maintenance and Insurance Cost.

The maintenance cost of a petrol engine is usually lower than the diesel cars of the same make and model. Machines are inevitably going to fail and when they do it’s better to have a petrol engine than a diesel engine because they are cheaper to get repaired. Petrol engines also have cheaper parts, making after-sales services rather affordable.

3. Low Noise, Vibration & Harshness.

Petrol engines are also quieter and smoother than their diesel alternatives. The engine noise of petrol cars is much lesser than diesel cars.

4. Better Performance In extreme weather conditions.

The petrol vehicles deal better with demanding climate conditions such as extreme cold or extreme heat.

5. Better Power Delivery, Speed.

Petrol engines are more responsive and have good Initial acceleration. They have a better throttle response compared to diesel engines. This makes the petrol engine feel peppier to drive while the diesel feels a bit sluggish. A petrol engine packs a powerful punch in a small size.

6. More Variants.

Many more make and models are available in petrol version, especially hatchbacks.

7. Less Pollution.

Petrol engines burns fuel more eco-friendly than diesel does. They also tend to emit lesser pollutants if maintained well. Petrol is a cleaner fuel to burn and offers better performance. A diesel car on the other hand has more carbon molecules in it and hence it is more polluting.

8. More Life.

If you live in Delhi-NCR then you already know that petrol cars have a lifecycle of 15 years while diesel cars here have a lifecycle of 10 years, after which they are deregistered unless transferred to some other state.

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